• 400 g of chocolate fondant 60%
  • 20 g of hazel nut granules
  • 20 g of sweet pistachio granules

With the LIFE blast chiller you can make delicious chocolates worthy of the best confectioners, in the comfort of your own home! The crystalisation process takes place very rapidly and at the perfect temperature to render the chocolate shiny and crunchy. A chilling temperature which is too low, will in fact, compromise the result marking the surface and creating unpleasant butter and cocoa stains


Finely cut and melt the 280 g of chocolate on a low flame until a temperature of 49°C/50°C is reached.
This operation of heating and chilling, known as tempering, is needed in order to dissolve the molecules of butter and cocoa.

Before pouring the tempered chocolate into the molds, place them on a LIFE blast chiller rack. Use a tray, placed underneath the racks, to catch any excess chocolate that may drip from the molds.

Sprinkle hazelnut and pistachio granules in the mold

Fill the mold with the chocolate and spread uniformly, with the help of a flat spatula.
Put the mold into the LIFE blast chiller and activate the function CHOCOLATE at +12°C for 20 minutes.

At the end of the program the chocolate will have crystallized, turn the mold upside down, and detach the chocolates…the moment to astound your guests has arrived!